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Travel and Hotel Logo Design – Enchanting

Mardan Palace – Turkey

A Travel and Hotel Logo design depicting class, warmth, care, safety, security and happiness is what matters mostly, as the font, colour and style immediately appeal to the clientele. Moving out from their cosy homes, customers wishing to reside in a hotel look forward to luxury, comfort, ease of access and uninterrupted entertainment. A logo must have the ability to correspond the pleasure factor upon sight.

4 of the world’s leading hotels in chronological order have their logos as followed:

1. Emirates Palace – Abu Dhabi

2. Mardan Palace – Turkey

3. The Westin – Rome

4. Burj Al Arab – Dubai

What stands out from these logos is their transparent font. Easy to read even when a different language is being used. The exhibition of colour and style lures the viewer’s mind to try.

Travel and Hotel Logo Design – Techniques

Your trust in your hotel should be at display in your logo. When discussing the same with your logo designer make sure to experiment different designs with distinguished backgrounds. You may have “a lot” to display from your hotel like the swimming pool to the hall, the chandelier, the connecting sea or a luxurious balcony – Try different appealing styles as a background. In the main travel and hotel logo design, instilling initials of the hotel or travel agency or simply using a luxurious font would just do the trick. It is after all representing the hotel and all the board members on the chair. The impression it gives them and by extension the impression on the target audience has to be in synch. Dress your logo for the “show off” quality but maintaining neat typography with a coherent yet exquisite style.

Travel and Hotel Logo Design- Social Media Demographics

The past decade and the current times all bow to the online media! Statistically most hotels, flights and tourist activities are all completed online. Travel Agencies have online chats and secure layers for online payments and so do direct hotels and airline websites. In order to incline the masses to your website and applications your logo has to be definitive, simple, appealing and attractive. In short, it must provide a sense of security and ease of access.

Keeping in mind that social media matters, always check your logo on the website, for the right colours and fonts being used. The one question that should always linger in your mind is – Is it clear?

Rest assured, based on your product and lucrative ideas, customers “will” come!

Travel and Hotel Logo Design – Colours & Typography

Travel agencies usually use a lot of blue and green knowing that fact that the select few who are on their webpage (or going through their rate card) are hardworking and barely see a lot of those colours in their day to day surroundings. However some old companies still use black, grey or red as they have already reached the level of customer satisfaction where a traveller would always come to them out of respect and loyalty. Colours can always have that psychological advantage, in this particular industry it plays to the advantage of the travel house or hotel. Utilizing them in your Travel and Hotel Logo design is an art, that which only a professional designer with the correct tools can execute.


A travel and hotel logo design would secure a professional touch if the font is smart, elegant and easily decipherable. If it looks good on a bill board or on the tail of an aeroplane, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it would look great on a coffee mug or a ticket. In order to gauge what your logo might look like on a smaller surface experiment with a magazine cover and a website page. If it’s coherent enough on them then it’s perfect for a ticket or a fanny pack.

Usually fonts are accepted by the masses within the first 3-4 seconds. If it’s easy to read it’s easy to comprehend.

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