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Restaurant Logo Design

The power to control taste buds of consumers has been a challenging task. A restaurant logo design would mostly depict a fork and a spoon or a knife and an empty plate to attract customers. Utensils manage to portray a trademark of a restaurant for fine dining.

But how does one attract customers even if their menu and food aren’t very attractive? A restaurant design logo has the power to act as a magnet between the consumers and its host. Most designers prefer to create a design that which involves a spoon and fork image communicating the final idea. With the era and unique ideas you may not necessarily need to display utensils to attract consumers.

An existing logo may always be revamped after a period of time as its already received fame of a certain proportion allowing the product to be sold image or logo less.


Even if you have exotic dishes on the menu, customers wouldn’t just walk right in without proper advertising, branding and image. A professional Restaurant logo design will allow the masses to communicate to and fro. Colours matter the most in your logo design to attract the consumer eye within seconds. Using images and communicating your restaurant name or main dish with utensils isn’t a bad idea as long as the spacing and typography remain formal.
The image above depicts a tranquil evening get together for tea, whereas the logo displays a house made out of utensils thus communicating the immediate notion of fine dining.

Another intelligent logo design depicting forks and spoons to form the ribs of a fish bone, hence imparting and interacting with consumers that “fish” food is available.

Colours- Restaurant Logo Dis esign

Shading and colours have a chunk of a contributing factor for the success of a Restaurant Logo Design. Furthermore, colours communicate psychologically with their consumers, for example the colour red- denotes spicy, tangy and saucy. While yellow depicts- citrus, fresh lemonade and ice.

Maintaining colours and avoiding blank spaces in your logo will be a fine accomplishment. Upon selecting a good colour combination then move to previewing your logo in black and white. A logo must always look good in black and white no matter the industry.

Typography- Restaurant Logo Design

If you add a certain zeal to your font but maintaining it to the limit where it’s comprehensive and catchy at the same time – then your company logo will work wonders on the staggering consumer attraction graph. Spend some time with your designer to check curvy fonts and use of vector images only so that it’s appealing and plausible at the same time.

Intelligent Design – Restaurant Logo Design

Sell what they want- not what you feel like they would want!

Fast foods and cultural dishes are always delicious to put up on your menu however, designing according to what your consumers what is an intellectual way of saying ‘we care about what you eat”. Many consumers are highly diabetic or refrain from products that they are allergic to or are simply calorie conscious to avoid fat. Even if it is a cheat day for your day to day consumers let them know via your restaurant design logo that you can help them with their nutritional diets.

The image above is a clear answer to intelligent logo designing where the word “guiltless” adds value to nutrients present in their pizza and low fat or no cheese to curb calories. Hence helping customers identify exactly what they want and boosting word of mouth sales.

Social Media- Restaurant Logo Design

Maintaining business cards and letter heads along with receipts is most common however, having your own website, Facebook and Linkedin pages will boost your certainty in the food industry. Having cut throat competition is a boon, not only is it beneficial to understand how competitors develop a keen market strategy to boost their business but also a considerable amount of replication would lead your company name to the right doors. Using social media, the process of home delivery and ordering food via calls is simplified. Remember your brand is the agent talking on the phone while taking an order, or the waiter smiling and confronting customers eagerly waiting for the tantalizing food listed on YOUR menu card.

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