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Real Estate and Mortgage Logo Design – Secure

Wants are never ending- But some wants are a necessity, while others are a luxury and the remaining I guess are greed! To be able to incorporate the specialization your Real Estate or Mortgage Investment Agency within the logo design along with subtle colours will be the task of any professional designer. The most difficult undertaking is the complexity of making the logo ‘Unique’. Almost all agencies have their designs around, within, on top, below, in front or even behind a house. Others happen to be inspired by online design and content incorporating the first letter of the company with building blocks or even a small stair case – which though innovative is yet considered a replica or a symbol familiar enough. Hence securing a Real Estate and Mortgage Logo Design that which is unique and typographically undistorted can only be the responsibility of a professional designer.

Real Estate and Mortgage Logo Design – Coherent Images

The mere integration of your specialization within a logo is easy- but what’s difficult is to literally make the logo talk. The other daunting task is to make sure it’s unique. All together a logo that which communicates the service provided and parallel to what the target audience requires, from financing to re-financing, buying and selling. Images such as a house or a key do make up for delivering the message to your target audience, then comes in the reliability on font.

Below is an example of incorporating the elements of a company in to a Real Estate and Mortgage Logo Design with suitable colour and font:

A unique symbol depicting the colours brown and cream for earth. The letters ‘B’ ‘M’ ‘I’ bold enough to be easily deciphered on a mortgage application to that of a billboard. This stands out because it does not use the expected home and key icons within.

This doesn’t mean that using a house or key is a bad idea- but incorporating new elements will help you keep the logo remarkably unique. Using Images that are within your surrounding for your agency is a talented work of art and marketing. For example – your agency may be specialized in selling homes, apartments, condos by the sea. To instil that within your logo will give you an upper hand on communicating with your target audience.

Real Estate and Mortgage Logo Design – Colours & Text

Knowing that colours have a role to entice the psyche of clientele, the choice of colours must be implemented with caution and care. Anything Bold & Flashy may be considered a turn off for potential clients.

The above image illustrates security provided for homes, from that of Alarm services, Climatic paints, trip wire fencing to that of C.C.T.V cameras. The colour blue depicts nobility and instils a sense of security. The font easily decipherable. The formation of a shield in the logo is self-explanatory to almost all viewers.

Your surrounding may just be the right appeal for the colours you may want to instil. If the business is for selling apartments with a view of the desert – light yellow or cream may be a good idea, or if near the water, blue or dark shades even could do the trick.

Fonts on the other hand, the clearer it is to read the better for portraying your services across. From Sans Serif to that of Times New Roman or Arial. Maintaining the professional repute of your agency will be delivered directly via the font you choose.

Real Estate and Mortgage Logo Design – Images Used

The world’s leading and most prominent Real Estate Agencies in order are listed below. 5 of their logos display for inspiration and revamping of your existing logos if required.

2. Acadian Mining Corporation- Canada

4. Ackruti City Limited – Bombay India

Please feel free to share your images for Real Estate and Mortgage Logo Designs to begin brainstorming on new ideas.

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