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Fashion Logo Design – Clothing

Labels and logos in this era are the only selling point that has either run/ruin the markets and the value of cloth. That being said most brands sell primarily because of a label & quality of cloth. Statistically most designers look in to the quality of cloth prior to making a design in order to ascertain the wear and tear. Designers like Gucci, Guess and Armani have enticed the consumers mind so much so that they can assume that the brand carries not only style but quality.

Triangle- Fashion Logo Design

Geometrical Shapes in a Fashion Logo Design imply certain attributes, for example the triangle insinuates strength and the edges are a concentrated factor for memory.

Circle- Fashion Logo Design

Another geometrical shape has evolved in to outlining the most famous fashion logos, the circle. Prominently because of its surrounding (sphere) it gives a comfortable feeling that which most clothing lines would want their customers to emotionally feel when glancing at their respective logos.

Wordings Only – Fashion Logo Design

This has been proven to be the best median since decades, however its complexity lies in its font colour and image itself. A logo on the contrary would be able to communicate with a graphic image (complete or half way through) however merely words could cash in far better by depicting class and trend with the right typography.

Fashion Logo Design – Speciality

What does your clothing line specialize in? Your logo must speak volumes about your clothing lines specific speciality. Does it serve all sizes or may be replicate an era out of the past. Outlining your logo with elements of your speciality will make it simple for customers to come to your store for the next buy remembering that exclusive selling point. By classifying “what you sell” in your logo you have already completed 60 % of gauging the target audience.

Fashion and trends evidently are extremely versatile and in this fast growing business a logo requires to change to keep the target audience engaged. Models walking the ramp for one show a month later prepping for another wouldn’t even realize that a group of ladies somewhere in Texas are crying out for their copy designs. Logos tend to maintain that unique factor and dismiss the option of cheating. Developing a fashion logo can be a Hercules task. Fashion houses defy the rules of engagement of buying and selling by creating their own world attracting customers indirectly instead of selling directly which demographically works most of the times.

Fashion Logo Design – Simplicity

Obviously the best foot forward in any industry design is to keep it simple in order to grasp the consumer’s attention. However in the world of Fashion to strike a balance is very important. It shouldn’t be complex beyond comprehension neither should it be too simple to just walk away from.

In order to maintain that striking balance, a designer must look in to the following aspects: *Must look good in Black and White *Looks appealing in all sizes *Efficient use of Colours *Must not be too complex Last but not the least a unique fashion logo design must display colours of strength and comfort relating to their immediate brand (specialization) so much so that consumers would remember the name & image together for the next stop shop.

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