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Environmental & Green Logo Design – Status

The above image is the picture of a girl in Michael Jackson’s Earth Song Live at a Concert.

A mission to accomplish the evidential, deteriorating, of the seriously falling standards of our environment to be depicted in a logo to send a message to the masses unaware of self-destruction – is the ideal set up any designer would look forward to in an Environmental &Green Logo Design.

Environmental & Green Logo Design – Incorporation – Conservation

Earth vs ME – A depiction by Harvard Model Congress

Eco Friendly activities have developed over the decade in order to conserve depleting energy such as gas, water and fuel etc. What matters the most is how a designer would incorporate the feeling for a solar powered plant or an eco-friendly garbage disposal company. The trend of companies offering environment friendly products has increased consistently, a coherent example of a design with remarkable typography, mixture of colour and a unique logo is illustrated below:

A circular design with only one fragment displaced is the unique quality of the design. The font chosen is easily decipherable and the colour orange and blue depict confidence and depth.

Developing unstable solar energy to that of stable energy for an alternative for electricity is by far the best use of ‘Nature”. To encourage masses a logo as the one above speaks volumes on ‘conservation’, ‘consumption’ and ‘contribution’.

Environmental & Green Logo Design – Galvanize Green

It is imperative for any designer of this age to be aware of the Eco Logo. Either by looking in to other designers works or by genuinely setting one up as a first time experience would help. However Green is the new clean. From organic juices to that of green food products, only an Eco Logo would manage the depiction of diversity in the use of Green products. From the insinuating fact that the colour green would be implicated in the logo itself, the incorporation of a company’s logo or motto is the task at hand for any designer. To be able to develop a unique, communicative, coherent Environmental & Green Logo Design understanding the specialization of a typical outlet or industry is imperative.

An illustration with colour, font and unique yet trendy design below could infuse ideas in the intuitive designers mind:

The use of the trendy Human DNA structure on the leaf itself incorporates the company’s motto for a better life for both- human and plants. Whereas the letters E.C.O in bold depict Environmental Friendly and the colour green symbolises ‘mother nature’ and its protection.

Environmental & Green Logo Design – Logos across the Globe

Here is a list of the Top 3 companies and their logos considered the best for the environment:

Another list of the Top 3 companies and their logos considered as the best green companies across:

The above companies are tallied by a percentage value on consumption of power, paper, wood and other depleting sources of Earth. Please feel free to relate and provide feedback .

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