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Entertainment Logo Design – Inception

Some of the oldest images representing their company and production house belong to the entertainment sector. From movies to that of the media, the entertainment industry has always thrived on account of “curiosity” of the masses. An image, nevertheless is always required to portray your company amongst the outnumbered competitors in the same field. The mere display of a company’s motto in an entertainment logo influences the viewers and thus successful.

Computer and I.T Logo Design – Predominant Factor

The above image includes some of the biggest entertainment official logos that we are used to especially when watching movies or documentaries. The mere projection of it states quality and experience. Film production houses are indefinitely popular on the base of their movies and hence remembered. However how does a channel or a music production house work towards fame, fortune, success and loyalty? The logo here has a different impact when compared to other industries. An entertainment logo will not only be responsible to communicate but also to educate about the genre of entertainment of each specific design. Here are some more examples of T.V channels that display their logo for enticing viewers to watch more and receive excellent TRP ratings in turn.

Here are some more examples of T.V channels that display their logo for enticing viewers to watch more and receive excellent TRP ratings in turn.

These channels are not only informative and instructive but also entertaining with different genres.

Entertainment is vast hence specific to each individual via age, country and interests. A sports fan would rarely watch the TLC channel about travel and tourism and vice versa. The same can be said about children who watch various cartoons over different channels like cartoon network, Disney kids, fox etc. The target audience has difference in taste and opinion – bottom line is how to serve each with a specific entertainment logo, maintaining the captivating factor and yet unique.

Entertainment Logo Design – Colours

Colours depict the nature of business for almost all viewers. When concentrated, it defines depth and roots, when shaded it would give meaning to security and confidence. The choice of colours used in club are mostly dark when designing an Entertainment Logo Design. Colours such as dark green, red and blue entice music and its effect on the minds of people within a club with dull lights hence contributing to its ambience.

The selection of colour always has the “psychological impact”, especially in the entertainment business. When it comes to TV channels “high definition” and its trend has forced the satellite transmitted owners of Dishes to help all those without HD. Your logo will have the HD written to the right or left of it, it is essential to maintain colour contrast without mixing shades to display the division between SD and HD.

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