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Bar & Nightclub Logo Design

An elegant yet attractive Bar & Nightclub Logo Design that which corresponds security, care, entertainment, good ambience and terrific surround sound would be any professional logo designer’s vision. Most nightclub logos would want to convey entertainment directly so that their audience is cemented on stepping in no matter how much a single vodka martini would cost. This is one industry which doesn’t care about a certain target audience- as long as you are 18 and above!

Bar & Nightclub Logo Design- Let it Talk, Let it Rock!

As per the 2015, the world’s 50 best bars rating and awards, honoured PDT (Please don’t tell) bar, New York as the number 1 in entertainment and drinks! Some of their reviews were as followed: “Delicious craft cocktails with pretty cool bartenders.” “The David Chang hot dog piled high with kimchee was to die for.” “The coolest speakeasy experience, entering through a phone booth.”

A fun and frolic hideout for those who would like to completely forget their weekdays!

However what does a logo have to do with drinks or the bartender – EVERYTHING! The reason people are attracted in the first place is your company logo- It has to have that mysterious effect and outstanding display of an exotic and unique nature luring even those who aren’t interested. The logo has almost everything to do in selling, attracting and infusing entertainment. It’s not only the first impression but also a long lasting word of mouth for Returns on Design.

Bar & Nightclub Logo Design- The Design Effect

The image and design above gives any customer the enthusiastic feeling of walking in to this particular bar for the kind of entertainment displayed. And that is the goal to reach when designing a logo for the bar and nightclub industry. However adding effects to images can display the kind of satisfaction that people have had and are having! For example the image above if given a florescent effect to portray what has happened and could be happening would leave the viewer’s mind thirsty for more.

This leads to the greatest marketing tool- ‘Word of mouth’. Using different effects to show your bar or nightclubs entertainment, could lure the masses on social media and as well as the curious clientele waiting to enter and fit in ambience. For the colours and fonts used for a Bar and Nightclub Logo Design, it’s basically open season. You may use fonts of any type as long as it’s clear on a beer bottle to that of the background of your bar. Colours that have a luminous effect are mostly used to bring out the energy from the logo.

Bar & Nightclub Logo Design – Diverse Designs

If you own a Lounge instead of Bar or a Night Club then your design and logo concept has to be more professional, serious and elegant rather than the Bold and Playful effect. What you have shouldn’t necessarily be on display, but adding a hint to your design as to what you can offer relates to intelligent designing.
In the same manner of style you may own a Cigar Lounge, or a sports bar, integration of images is a great median of communicating what you have to offer directly to your consumers. While designing an elegant logo your designer will verify the kind of font being used. Brush Script, Castellar and Sans Serif almost always score. The colours play a significant role likewise, with mostly dark and electrifying colours from that of pitch black, blood red to bottle green and ocean blue. All transcend to entertainment psychologically.

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