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Attorney & Law Logo Design-Importance

A logo design for a law firm demonstrates the strength and establishment to its clients. Something that sets your image apart from the others is what matters the most. Remember it’s all about fighting for the rights of the citizens and I mean literally fighting. So how should an Attorney & Law logo design look like? A character from the movie 300 with 8 pack abs to show strength? Obviously not!

Appealing and Simple:

For an attorney being straight forward pays twice as much as beating around the bush. Many attorneys put in countless hours to help their clients overcome stressful situations and sometimes they also take ownership of pro bono cases to help communities without pay. An attorney & law logo design has to be to the point. Not only communicative but immediately perceptive. The logo must instil a sense of trust in clients, a reckoning image, memorable and be able to communicate any one of the mottos or goals of the law firm. (For Example: Strive, Aggressive or humane)

Captivate your Audience- Attorney & Law Logo Design

Evidently lawyers work effortlessly for their clients however, recent study concludes that a lawyer’s image is mistrustful and lawyers in media are portrayed as dishonest. The best way to take a leap out of predicaments as such is to have a design that can speak volumes about your firm’s motto.

The ultimate reality is to take advantage of the client/consumers subconscious reaction towards your logo, which isn’t difficult to comprehend using the colours, fonts, shapes that would make the client feel emotionally about your law firm. Knowing what you want your clients to think about your firm and what you think about it- is the key to creating a veracious logo.

Contributing factors in the brand image such as, typography, graphical elements and images emphasises on what you want to say about your firm. Staging your firm with a legal logo design would be most beneficial. If you do not possess clientele, contact a graphic designer now to make amends.

You vs. Designers – Attorney & Law Logo Design

Even if you were a part time designer before law school you must hand over the project of designing to a professional. If you feel that the design is too simple, be assured that you have received your money’s worth as the simplest of logos are the most powerful. Remember, having an image for your own company and designing it your self has a major difference. Marketing is not a lawyer’s cup of tea, or a shot of tequila for that matter. Your work at the end of the day will portray your image so much so that clients wouldn’t need a business card.

Sharpness – Attorney & Law Logo Design

By directly saying that you are open for business you wouldn’t get business. A sharp logo design with dominating colours such as Red, Green, Blue and Yellow would be apparent and stimulating the moods of clients. Minute details such as contact numbers, email addresses or fax have to be formal in Sans Serifs, Times New Roman or ITC Eastern Fonts. Your firm’s motto is to be delivered by the design itself as it will be unique in competition with other law firms. A contrasting logo will highlight your calibre.

Last but not the least, always finalize on an Attorney and Law logo design that which you are able to visualise on the company’s website, business cards, letter heads billboards and other stigmatizing aspects.

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