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Agriculture Logo Design – Importance

An image concluding the reality of how agricultural products are produced and the sole dedication of farmers behind it should be illustrated quite clearly in a logo for an Agriculture logo design. Demographically, people who shop at supermarkets, purchasing rice, wheat grains and other items are unaware of the handiwork of labourers behind the finalized product. Hence it is most significant to illustrate a logo that which emotionally binds a consumer at every glimpse.

““Agriculture was the first manufacturing
industry in America and represents the best
of all of us”. – Zack Wamp
An Attractive Agriculture Logo Design

Agriculture is usually referred to as the “undecorated” industry. It is so because their products are available to purchase through various supermarkets but the consistent undeniable hard work of farmers is neglected via industries and organizations. To formulate an attractive logo, a designer must include the essential elements of farming. Agriculture orbits around preserving life and producing natural commodities for nourishment. In order to develop an essential Agriculture Logo Design as an image of the public and for the public, you will need to present the company as a reliable producer of what nature cultivates.

Farming fields usually do the trick (as shown above) but the leaf plain (to the left) displays uncultivated or fresh and the shaded leaf (to the right) denotes cultivation. Stating an establishment era adds to loyalty and experience of an organization thus reciprocating clientele.

The Agriculture Logo Design must indicate a farming business as hygienic, caring and nutritive. Knowing that the direct consumers have no idea as to how these crops are cultivated nurtured and transformed in to a product, a branding image has to do all the talking depicting a bit of everything from process to finalization, thus setting an impression as to how dependable you and your providing organization are.

Agriculture Logo Design-Targeting Audience

Developing a design that which attracts an audience exclusively consumes a bit of intellect and a lot of reviews of the specialization of an Agricultural sector. For example your company may be providing heavy machinery like tractors or agricultural drones for fertilizers, hence the logo must not only depict the image but also show stability, strength and support.

In the same manner your company may be producing dairy and your target audience will a 100% be families and schools. The logo in that regard must be conversing volumes about hygiene, warmth and care. In any case, a responsibility owned by a company or organization towards the general public must have a professional logo displaying attributes of its deliverance to the exclusive audience. An Agricultural Logo Design may vary from product to product but its principle of delivery will remain the same as any other product – Trusty – Loyalty – Dependability.

Agriculture Logo Design- Branding & Colours

A diverse industry, that which consists of competitors consistently promoting their values through logos and designs hinting to their product almost always. Choosing a design that which has the same function but remains unique is the task a designer must accomplish by understanding the core values not only of the organization the logo is being developed for, but also the competitors messaging. Why is this important? Simply because a logo may look amazing on a billboard but may lose its essence on a letter head, business cards and stationery. It is thus important to choose the right colours along with unique typography in an agriculture logo design to stand out and away from competitors.

The above picture consists of the colours listed below to a certain extent to show simplicity and uniqueness in a logo

Using earthy colours depicts Mother Nature’s production directly in an Agricultural Logo Design. For example: Brown (Mud) – Spark’s emotions pertaining to liability trust seriousness and support. Green (Grass) – Portrays awareness of being environmental friendly and triggers emotions of harmony. Blue (Water) – Depicts Calmness and denotes cleansing. Yellow (Sun light) – Positive energy, capacitates a fresh feeling thus bringing about confidence and self esteem Colours play the intermediary role of conveying messages to the audience without losing essence of the actual product or company. Gaining knowledge or criticizing it with other seen or known facts is a good sign of consciousness. A designer will always need new intellectual ideas to be able to surpass his previous figments of imagination. Always hire a professional designer where you may have enough revisions and are happy to see your logo on a small surface or a larger one.

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